Alaptide-induced regenerative process of organism

Alaptide is a very small, biologically active substance capable of activating regenerative processes in human body.

How does Alaptide function in organism?

Alaptide is carried from the bloodstream to the weakened tissue where it activates appropriate enzymes and white blood cells, both of which then trigger defense reactions in the body. Through this mechanism the body expells all bacteria, viruses and harmful substances. If the body, once free of all harmful substances, is subsequently supplied with the required vitamins and nutrients, the restoration of harmed cells and reproduction of healthy cells commences.

Alaptide thus revives the cells and activates in the organism regeneration of healthy cells.
It is therefore very helpful in treatment of various diseases and health issues, but also in maintaining and improving the overall health of organism, including skin. All diseases have one common root cause - cell damage.

Effects of Alaptide


Increases collagen


Heals gastric


Regenerates skin,
hair, nails
and slows aging


Enhances brain


Suppresses allergies
and eliminates
allergic reactions


immune system


Revitalizes organism


Restores the skin
after burns and bruises


Improves wound
healing after
surgical procedures


Has beneficial effects
on internal organs
in the human body


Helps treat skin
diseases and bedsores


correct functioning
of the nervous system


Protects from
lifestyle diseases


Keeps the oncoprotein
"PP60" within limits


Fights viruses


Removes bleeding
and gum inflammation

Who is behind
the invention of Alaptide?

Ing. Evžen Kasafírek, CSc.

Evžen’s main objective was to invent, model and create a substance that could help people improve their health and to this noble end he devoted all his energy. He made a few remarkable discoveries. One of them is alaptide - a substance associated with positive nootropic effects including radioprotection, which was tested in the military institute of NATO in Techonin.

RNDr. Václav Plaisner

Václav was an internationally renowned biologist and an expert on tissue cultures. He himself was responsible for testing of the substances prepared by Ing. Kasafirek. He proved that alaptide is a non-toxic substance and along with verifiable positive effects there were no negative ones.

Both gentlemen were giant scientific figures of high moral character. We hereby express our deep gratitude and with permission of their wives we wish to dedicate this good project to them in memoriam.

A word from the inventor

RNDr. Václav Plaisner

Spirocyclic dipeptide with Mr 182.22, commonly known as Alaptide, was developed as homologous neuropeptide L-propyl-L-leucylglycinamid, with extraordinary regenerative effects. This substance is however very quickly metabolized by digestive enzymes and is therefore unusable for practical application. With introduction of Alaptide this drawback has been bypassed and its regenerative and stimulative effect is even higher.
What also merits reflection is the fact that pretty much all biologically active substances in our organism (enzymes, hormones etc.) fall under the category of peptides. Biological effects of Alaptide are truly remarkable. Its moderately sized molecule easily penetrates the skin and effectively heals even serious conditions such as venous ulcers, bedsores, burn marks, grazes or cut wounds. Quite notable effects have been observed in treatment of psoriasis. Intraneous application in the form of capsules has shown accelerated healing of gastric ulcers and overall regenerative effect on the entire organism, including substantial activation of brain functions.


Alaptide does not just enhance the immune system but also regulates it which translates into effective suppression of allergic reactions.

Allergy is nothing but manifestation of imbalances within the immune system. Alaptide itself cannot be an allergen since it has very small molecule to be one. It was next to impossible to run the prescribed toxicity tests for Alaptide because virtually any dosage applied to the cell cultures has proven to be completely non-toxic. There was no finding or even indication of mutagenity, cancerous growth or teratogenicity or any other negative side effect whatsoever. Alaptide shows no contraindications, both Intraneous and extraneous application is completely safe and so this substance can be combined with any medication without ever so slight interactions or cumulation inside organism. Of crucial importance is the fact that Alaptide stimulates growth and replication of cells, especially white blood cells - the cells of the immune system. It has been proven with utmost care and beyond any doubt that Alaptide does not stimulate proliferation of tumorous cells. In fact, Alaptide inhibits their growth and does not promote reproduction of microorganisms. In summary, Alaptide is perfectly safe substance with remarkable regenerative, immunostimulative and radioprotective effect.

RNDr. Václav Plaisner
biologist and co-inventor of Alaptide, Prague, November 2012

Videos of RNDr. Vaclav Plaisner, the inventor of alaptide

Creation of Alaptide
Safety of the substance
Mechanism of Alaptide
Potential use of Alaptide
Why after 30 years

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