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MUDr. Marián Šuch

MUDr. Marián ŠuchBioharmonia - Bioresonance, acupuncture, stop smoking

MUDr. Mária Černá

MUDr. Mária Černáphysician with over 25 years practice in oncology

I myself benefited greatly from the CASKET ALAGENEX. It helped me overcome my lactose intolerance, helicobacter and allergies. Post-surgical pain in the arm retreated as well. I recommend the CASKET ALAGENEX based on my personal experience.

I had experience with oncological patients who used this new substance in the past. I did not get ahold of it back then as it had been tested by SPOFA. The effects were tremendous, though. The patients whom we could not help anymore suddenly started to feel better. 20 years ago we 
did not have the technology we have today, yet even then we noticed a substantial improvement in the condition of those patients. Some of them, even those who we had written off, I met a few years after in a very good shape.

An acquaintance of mine called me one day saying she has got something unique that could help my patients. After familiarizing myself with ALAGENEX and the history of alaptide, I realized it was the same thing. I have a few patients today who are taking the course and the results are more than satisfactory.

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MUDr. Evžen Hodulík

MUDr. Evžen HodulíkNeurologist, neurosurgeo with over 30 years' experience

I recommend CASKET ALAGENEX to all healthy or less healthy patients for improvement of their health, de-allergization, stability, vitality, longer life span

CASKET ALAGENEX a complete physiological regeneration of the organism. The cornerstone of the product is biologically active dipeptide – Alaptide. It is a stable and completely non-toxic analogue of the substance that is naturally produced by human organism. 
Alaptide stimulates non-specific immunity of the organism by initiating phagocytosis of white blood cells. That is the key that triggers physiological regeneration of the organism. Digestive enzymes do not interfere with this substance, therefore it is naturally expelled upon completion of its task in the organism. 

The patient will notice increased physical and mental activity. The preparation as a whole thus creates one synergistic complex generating even one other important quality – elongation of telomeres. This results in prolongation of life span in humans. 

The consumer will detect the effect very soon. Some individuals may often experience some effect even after one capsule. However, the positive effect usually occurs in the second or third week. Regeneration of the organism continues long after both packs have been used up – even half a year. Alafit has no side effects. 

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