Quality of the ingredients contained in our products comes first to us. Combination of active ingredients was developed and thoroughly analyzed in pursuit of achieving perfect harmony. And it is thanks to this harmony that the whole body can utilize the full potential of active ingredients. Through supporting your health our products also support your beauty.

If you have a healthy body, you feel great and so do you look.

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Insufficiently nurtured as well as incorrectly functioning cells are the root cause of many diseases.
Casket ALAGENEX contains all the right nutrients for the cells. Healthy and properly functioning cells are the foundation of a healthy organism.
Keep your body in good shape, give your immune system the right back-up and prevent lifestyle diseases.

ALASKIN&CARE regenerating gel with Alaptide

Damaged skin or scars do not have to be permanent. Thanks to its unique, tried and trusted composition, ALASKIN&CARE regenerating gel with Alaptide provides excellent care for damaged skin. It creates a very gentle film on the skin to ensure thorough absorption of active ingredients.

ALASKIN&CARE hydrating gel with Alaptide

Hands are the first thing we notice about someone, let us give them the care they deserve.
Your hands can be soft and smooth even if the skin is overstrained. Thanks to the oil-free composition the gel is absorbed immediately. It is also suitable for highly sensitive skin.

ALASKIN&CARE regenerating day cream with Alaptide

Start your day with a pleasant feeling. Smooth skin will make your face light up. Regular application of the cream provides sufficient nutrition for the skin, the cells can function properly and reproduction of only healthy cells is activated. As a result, the skin looks younger and the wrinkles disappear.

ALASKIN&CARE regenerating night cream with Alaptide

Give your skin the perfect relax at night. Appropriate cell nourishment thanks to alaptide in harmony with the highest quality natural ingredients promotes cell restoration, which helps smooth out wrinkles. Regenerated skin is smoother, more radiant and silkier.

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Recommend your family and friends what you personally believe in and are satisfied with. Make money on every purchase within your structure and enable others to build passive income.

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