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Marian Svehla, Casket Alagenex

Marian Svehla Chlamydia

In 2012 I was gravely ill. I had some problems with joints, I had difficulty walking, I could barely raise my hands. I was put on a 3-months course of strong antibiotics at the isolation ward  in Banska Bystrica. My condition was improving slightly. At that time I met doctor Urminsky, who cooperated with Mr. Lavicka and he recommended to me the product with Alaptide. It was only after I started to use this product that the results were more satisfactory and when I finished using the product I was practically healthy.

Vlkovicova, regeneration gel ALAGENEX

Lucia Vlkovicova Burns

Nadia, my little daughter once poured a boiling water over herself. Blisters started to form all over her body, she was even halucinating - it was horrible. She had first-degree and second-degree burns, the most severe ones were on her right thigh, about 15-20 cm in size. During re-bandaging her wounds would start to bleed.Then I learned about this regenerating gel and I started to apply it in a very thin layer twice a day. Doctors have estimated the healing time to be about 12 months. She had numerous hyperpigmentations. It is now half a year since the operation and she only has a small stain left on her thigh and even that one is getting smaller each day. Already after a few days of applying this gel the wound edges started to pale and a few weeks later the wounds started to shrink. I am grateful for this new hope and the new confidence for Nadia. I think that everybody should have an opportunity to try this gel in case they have burns or some skin defect, as this gel is a small miracle. We are most grateful for it.

Eva Gašparová insomnia, hearing loss

In December 2017 we bought for my mother Zofia, who is 75 years old, a dietary supplement by ALAGENEX company – CASKET ALAGENEX. After less than two months she could discontinue the use of sleeping pills and now she can sleep well untill 6 o’clock in the morning. Before, she was not able to stay asleep for more than 2 hours and at 5 o’clock in the morning she would already be having breakfast. It is nothing short of a miracle for my mother. She just asked me once: „Will it be like this forever? I have never had such a good sleep before“. 
My mother quit taking Zodac, which she had been previously using for years, as without it she would have runny nose all the time and handkerchief became her best friend. She has been off it for some time and thus far she did not have to use a single hankie. She even started to hear better. Previously, she would watch the television set to the maximum volume. Today she can watch the TV at standard volume. Her blood pressure is also back to normal. It would go up in the evenings before. Now she measures the blood pressure regularly and the numbers level out at 117/75. Not to mention her newly acquired vigour. My mother will undergo an operation of a joint on her left leg. After she fell, she had difficulties getting up but now she springs out of the chair as if she forgot that back in December this would be completely unthinkable.  
I can’t wait to see what happens when she finishes the CASKET in about three months.
To me as a daughter, seeing my mother this happy is truly a miracle. I would like to thank all people who worked on putting these products on the market.


Dominika Majgotová histamine intolerance, allergy to various foodstuff

In January 2018 I purchased the CASKET ALAGENEX and started the course, as I had been suffering from histamine intolerance – an allergy to various foodstuff. One month into the course all my allergy symptoms disappeared. I can eat everything without breaking out into rash or getting swollen. In the past, I had to take an antihistamine pill prior to meal, now I no longer need to take them. I also do not take Zodac anymore. I also suffer from coeliac disease and hopefully by the time I finish the course this problem will be over, too. I will definitely keep all people interested in ALAGENEX in the loop of things as soon as I finish up all my capsules. For now, I would like to thank the people who stand behind this product and take part in this good cause for your own life and health. 

Pavol Krkoška (76) big blister

Big blister as a direct result of diabetes progressed into a deep open wound. Doctors were at their wits‘ end. What followed was daily rebandaging of foot and weekly check-ups at the surgical ward

"My doctor is satisfied and I as a patient even more. I feel better and more full of energy. I am already looking forward to the spring gardening – that warms the cockle of my heart. I am glad I can maintain my health without medication."

Damian Hlucháň (6) Eczema

He had his first eczema symptoms already as a 6 months old child (now he is 6 years old). His eczema breaks out very irregularly, but most usually in cold weather, especially at freezing temperatures. In summer he does not seem to have this problem. Up until now we used the following preparations: Holtov Krém (eczema ointment), Sudocream, Body milk (A-derma), Imazol, Excipial U lipolotio, Oilatium, Droserin, Lipobase, corticosteroid creams prescribed by dermatologist. 
All these medications provided only temporary relief, after some time the eczema reappeared. Overall, his skin is very dry and pale, shows symptoms typical of atopy, although atopic eczema has never been medically confirmed. 
According to the immunological tests (December 2017) he has no allergies. 

Results after application of gel: We first started to apply it on just one little spot. Already on the next day the spot was visibly smaller, dried out and the reddening disappeared. Subsequently we applied the gel on all parts affected by eczema. After three days all spots vanished and after one week his legs were stainless. We are very satisfied and hopefully the effect will last for good. Thank you very much for this gel. I will definitely recommend it.  

Vierka Ballaschová (69) cataract, hallux

I will turn 70 in May. I am healthy, full of energy and I do not take any medication. I have always been very particular about prevention, though.
About a year ago, my doctor diagnosed me with cataract and mentioned that I should undergo an eye surgery in about 5 months‘ time. After using CASKET ALAGENEX for approximately a week, I started to feel strong pain in my left eye. The pain went on for another two and a half days. Once I finished the entire course, I had another check-up with my doctor, who was astonished to find out that everything was in perfect order.
Reactions of organism during the course: I had a splitting headache for about 3 days, it was a nightmare as I have not had any headaches for years. Later I felt itching and even pain right below my shoulder blades and this continued for a few days. I also had a stomachache for three days. In the past I used to have tennis elbow syndrom, during the course the pains started to recur and lasted for about 4 days. And finally my biggest problem, which is bunion (hallux) on my right leg and the problem with my toes that are shifted to the side, especially with my index toe which is deformed in a hammer-like shape. I had pain in my metacarpal bones for over a week. To my big surprise, the big toe started to straighten out. It is now poles apart from what it used to be like. 
At last, I have asked myself one question: „Was I really healthy, considering all the things that were happening in my body?“
I am very grateful to Gabika K for the information about this wonderful product.

Zinaida Onofriuk (24) dry and rough skin

I work as a physician at the hospital isolation ward. Day after day I get into contact with patients suffering from all sorts of viral and bacterial diseases. For this reason I often have to wash and disinfect my hands, which, however, leaves parts of my skin highly irritated, dry and rough. After applying ALASKIN&CARE hydratating gel with alaptide for just 2 or 3 days my skin became smooth again and the reddening disappeared. I can therefore recommend ALASKIN&CARE hydratating gel to everyone suffering from any kind of hand skin irritation.

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