How do biological clocks impact our life?

Understanding and respecting the mechanism through which our organism functions can help us achieve better health. Alternation of ligh-darkness cycles defines the basic bio-rhythm of our body – alteration of waking state in which we are active and the state of being asleep, when our body phases out. The hormone which sends the signal to our body to go to sleep is called melatonin and it is produced during the evening hours. Biorhythm also controls the hormonal secretion, regulates body temperature and blood pressure, has impact on our mood, whets as well as dampens one’s appetite for various activities. It has a significant impact on the activity of internal organs.

Biorhythm and its influence on internal organs

Each organ in our body has its dedicated time period of approximately 2 hours in a given day during which it works most efficiently. If you suffer from an illness related to the individual organ, the pertinent symptoms will show most noticeably at the peak time of such organ. This explains why most heart attacks occur before noon, as heart is most active at that time. Similarly, people with gallbladder problems feel the symptoms around midnight when this organ’s activity is at its peak.

Surely you have noticed that even common flu or cold manifest themselves differently at different times of the day. This difference can be explained by the mechanism of biological clocks.

Let us take a closer look at the peak hours of individual organs so that we do not overstrain them when they should be resting. Our body will be grateful to us for that.

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1:00 – 3:00 Liver
At this time the function of liver is at its peak – it eliminates fats from the bloodstream and excretes toxic substances. Other functions in our organism are inhibited, oxygenation of brain is at the lowest level. You should increase your vigilance if you drive a vehicle at this time. If you have gallbladder problems, you may experience the related symptoms as liver and gallbladder are „pair organs“. At this time you should not drink alcohol or coffee, smoke or eat fatty meals.

3:00 – 5:00 Lungs
When the lungs are in their active phase, smokers or asthma patients tend to wake up. Ongoing rhinitis, bronchitis or inflammation of respiratory system make breathing most difficult at this time. We tend to feel fear and anxiety, therefore this part of the day is very dangerous for people suffering from depression. At around 4 o’clock in the morning the creation of melatonin peaks, blood pressure goes down and heart beat slows down.

5:00 – 7:00 Large Intestine
Those used to waking up at this time usually get into their active daily rhythm much faster. In the morning you should indulge in relaxation and avoid stress and strain. Especially cardiac patients should ease themselves into the daily routine slowly, as during morning hours they may be more prone to cardiac events. Drink enough liquids, ideally a tea, and avoid cold beverages. It is recommended to get used to defecating at this time of day. Healthy people may derive a lot of value from morning exercise.

Towards 7 o’clock the heart rate starts to go up and secretion of hormons increases, including testosteron. Concentration of this male hormon in the blood stream is 40% higher than at midnight, which explains why men love morning sex.

7:00 – 9:00 Stomach
Body should be kept warm in the morning, therefore you should avoid cold shower. During these two hours the digestive organs are in full swing and this is the best time for breakfast. Give your body all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Make the best of them. At ALAGENEX, we respect the concept of biological clocks and have therefore adjusted the dosage in our 90-day course in such a way that the body can make the best use of the active ingredients.

9:00 – 11:00 Pancreas and spleen
Body digests sugars mot efficiently at this time, so feel free to enjoy lots of fruits or honey. You should avoid alcohol, though. Before noon we are at our most active, our mental performance accelerates and our psyche reaches maximum levels. However, if possible, let us avoid excessive physical activity.

At around 10 o’clock is the best time for studying and at around 11 o’clock our mental performance is at its peak. Your whole body and mind are in top form and therefore this time window is most suitable for making important decisions.

Blood pressure is higher before noon, it drops a bit in the afternoon and it starts to rise again towards the evening. That is why we are most active in the morning.

11:00 – 13:00 Heart
We should not overstrain our organism by eating heavy meals during the time when our heart is most active. This is the off-peak time of the day, therefore you should be wary of potential injuries or accidents. Taking a short stroll or a nap might do us a lot of good. Especially during the hot summer days, cardiac patients might feel significantly worse. Give your body at least a bit of a rest.

13:00 – 15:00 Small intestine
Our body is in the process of digesting the food and we feel a bit feeble, we get the feeling of laziness. On the decline is not only our activity, but also our susceptibility to pain, therefore this may be the right time for a dentist appointment.

15:00 – 17:00 Urinary bladder
At 15 o’clock, excretory system organs and detoxification processes are at full strength. It is advisable to drink plenty of liquids, especially herbal tea. This afternoon time is suitable for sport activities. Our performance abilites are in full swing, we are better able to solve complicated tasks or make plans. Digestive system is ready to process substantial meals. At around 16 o’clock is the right time to replenish vitamins and minerals – our immune system is waking up. As our Casket ALAGENEX supports immune system and serves as a prevention against lifestyle diseases, the dosage was adjusted to reflect the natural rhythm of the organism. The dosing times, whether morning or afternoon, have been set in such a way that the body can utilize the active ingredients with maximum efficiency.

17:00 – 19:00 Kidneys
17 o’clock is the best time for a work-out or other physical activity. Kidneys are at work, therefore try to avoid everything that is detrimental to them – fats, sugars, salt, alcohol, cold and stress.

By contrast, at around 18 o’clock the body temperature decreases, organism calms down and physical activity is on the decline. This is the time for the last meal of the day, but please avoid sweet food and coffee.

19:00 – 21:00 Pericardium and blood circulation
At this time we are very sensitive and our organism gets back into the previous form, your reflexes function very well. Nevertheless, we may experience mental fatigue and nervousness. Blood pressure goes up and headaches occur quite frequently. Our skin tends to be less permeable and therefore it is most fitting to apply the medicinal ointments on the sore parts.

21:00 – 23:00 Preparation for sleep
Stomach stops excreting gastric juices and therefore anything you eat at this time will be digested in the morning.

The time from 21:00 can be called „the student’s hour“ as we are more perceptive and our memory can store the acquired knowledge for longer time. As of 22:00 a phase of deep sleep commences. It is of crucial importance that children go to sleep at this time as their body produces most growth hormons. Cell restoration begins.

23:00-01:00 Gall bladder
After about an hour into the sleep you start to enter into the first dreaming phase. However, if you had a heavy meal for supper, your gall bladder will either not allow you to fall asleep or you may wake up to a severe pain in the stomach. At around midgnight our body stops producing pain-blocking hormons. If you have some trouble or pain, you will feel it more intensively. Gall bladder patients typically experience deterioration of their state, perhaps even seizures.

We hope that we have helped you better understand the way our organism functions. Let us learn to listen to our body, let us not attempt at tasks we do not feel up to. Let us accept the changes of circadian rhythm, our body will be grateful to us for that.

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