Vision of the company

We build on a unique invention

We are thrilled to present you with a unique project which continues in the 30 years of experience in research and development of peptides. We took a unique discovery and turned it into high quality products through which we wish to help other people.

A leading position in direct sales

Our goal is to achieve a leading position in direct sales in global markets. 
We firmly believe that our products can improve the life of people all around the world and our specialists are best able to bring them closer to the users.

Pride and gratification

We are delighted and proud that we have in our hands an opportunity to help people become more vital and feel better. At the same time, we feel a deep sense of gratification to learn that the trust vested in ourselves and our products brings tangible results.

Everyone can feel great. It all starts with a feeling. 
Positive feelings bring about positive thoughts, positive thoughts lead to positive actions and positive actions are but a step away from positive results.

Who are we

Oftentimes you may have the right idea but you also need to have the right people around you. Somebody might be an expert on chemistry, while somebody else might have the business mind. And that is precisely who we are - ALAGENEX.
We are a group of people fascinated by the idea that saw the light of the day more than 30 years ago. We got ahold of that idea and in 2015 we established the company ALAGENEX.

The idea we are talking about is helping other people through the products containing the unique peptide - Alaptide.

We worked very hard for many months, inventing and preparing the products, which are now a source of great pride for us. Once everything was ready, we established a subsidiary company ALAGENEX life in 2016, which, thanks to its business model, brings to the customers both care for their own health as well as possibility to build their own personal business. Uniqueness of our products and satisfaction of our customers and partners is what makes our company successful. 

Do you know people who suffer from health complications and whom

you would like to help?

Join us, build your own business and show others
that solutions exist even in seemingly hopeless situations.

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