Treat yourself to the most effective prevention. Age-related health issues may not be of concern to you.

Our body and mind are exposed to stress every day. We suffer from allergies, pains and illnesses. 
The environment we live in and the food we eat have negative impact on our organism and all its cells. 
Prevention is the key, therefore, as soon as you encounter any complications, nip them in the bud - at the single cell level. Healthy and properly functioning cells lay the foundations of a healthy organism.

Regeneration process of organism through Alaptide

Alaptide was developed as an analogue of a body substance. It triggers a complete physiological regeneration of organism, heals the cells and thus improves the overall health.

Effects of Alaptide


Increases collagen


Heals gastric


Regenerates skin,
hair, nails
and slows aging


Enhances brain


Suppresses allergies
and eliminates
allergic reactions


immune system


Revitalizes organism


Restores the skin
after burns and bruises


Improves wound
healing after
surgical procedures


Has beneficial effects
on internal organs
in the human body


Helps treat skin
diseases and bedsores


correct functioning
of the nervous system


Protects from
lifestyle diseases


Keeps the oncoprotein
"PP60" within limits


Fights viruses


Removes bleeding
and gum inflammation


Alagenex products are made from the highest quality ingredients and thanks to the right combination of active ingredients they represent unique products that promote better health and beauty.

Discover the path to regeneration, protect your health and preserve the feeling of youth and beauty for yourself.


Are you over 30 years old?
Treat yourself to the most effective prevention. Age-related health issues may not be of concern to you.

ALASKIN&CARE regenerating gel with Alaptide

First aid for every household.
Rýchla regenerácia kože po úrazoch, popáleninách, ekzémoch, poštípaniach

ALASKIN&CARE hydrating gel with Alaptide

Hydrating for highly sensitive skin.
Thanks to its composition, the gel is absorbed without leaving sticky feel and restores the skin function.

ALASKIN&CARE regenerating day cream with Alaptide

Protects and nurtures even highly sensitive skin. Skin regeneration thanks to harmonious combination of alaptide and nutritious ingredients for perfectly beautiful skin.

ALASKIN&CARE regenerating night cream with Alaptide

Skin revitalization during sleep, A perfect relax and nourishment thanks to alaptide, panthenol and vitamin E.


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Cum ne afectează ceasul biologic?

How do biological clocks impact our life?

Understanding and respecting the mechanism through which our organism functions can help us achieve better health.

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