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Exclusive package of dietary supplements by the company ALAGENEX contains the ideal ratio of essential amino acids, minerals and herbal extracts. 90-day course which boosts the immune system and restores cell functions. This combination of active ingredients and their correct dosage activates cell restoration and contributes to regeneration of damaged cells or otherwise weakened tissues, thus revitalizing the entire organism. 

Treat yourself to the most effective prevention. Age-related health issues may not be of concern to you.

Are you over 30 years old?

It is at this point in life that your thymus gland, which is responsible for your immune system, starts to shrink. Metabolism slows down and your body begins to age. However, through the right care and nurturing of the cells it is possible to decelerate the ageing process. 

Take the complex 90-day CASKET ALAGENEX course once a year


Increases collagen


immune system


Regenerates skin,
hair, nails
and slows aging


Enhances brain


Protects from
lifestyle diseases


Has beneficial effects
on internal organs
in the human body


Fights viruses


correct functioning
of the nervous system

Do you have any health issues?

Insufficiently nurtured as well as incorrectly functioning cells are the root cause of many diseases.
Casket ALAGENEX contains all the right nutrients for the cells. Healthy and properly functioning cells are the foundation of a healthy organism.

Take the complex 90-day cours and help your body in the fight against diseases


Keeps the oncoprotein
"PP60" within limits


Heals gastric


Suppresses allergies
and eliminates
allergic reactions


Improves wound
healing after
surgical procedures

Nutritional information 1 cps. (mg) At the maximum daily dose 2 cps. GDA Guideline Daily Amount (2 cps)
L-karnitín vínan 200 400 *
L-leucín 160 320 *
L-cysteín hydrochlorid 90 180 *
L-izoleucín 80 160 *
L-valín 80 160 *
L-arginín hydrochlorid 20 40 *
L-alanín 10 20 *
Graviola extrakt z plodu 10:1 (Annona muricata) 10 20 *
Vitamín E (DL-alfa-tokoferyl-acetát) 4 8 66%
Zinok (mliečnan zinočnatý) 1,5 3 30%
Extrakt z marhuľového jadra, 98% amygdalínu 0,5 1 *
Vitamín B9 (kyselina listová) 0,06 0,12 60%

CASKET ALAGENEX contains: 1x Synergy12 (120 cps.) and 4x Ala-energyFIT (4x60 cps.).



The amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine are contained in this product in the BCAA ratio. Synergy12 also contains vitamins, the deficiency of which causes damage of cell membranes, decreased immune system activity, anemia etc. The extracts from apricot kernels (amygdalin in pharmaceutical quality) and soursop (Annona Muricata) have proven anti-cancer effects by maintaining the oncoprotein "pp60" at the cellular level. The patented know-how lies in positioning of two amino acids at the boundary of micronized nanoparticle structure which, under a certain energy barrier at the cellular level, creates incomplete peptidic structures. These peptidic structures are analogical to the homologous tripeptide MIF that has an effect on the stability of the congenital and organ immune system. The lack of zinc can cause vision deterioration, slow healing of wounds and increased tendency towards infections. Furthermore, Synergy12 contains fat burning substances that are especially important during growth and increased physical activity.



Ala-EnergyFIT is a special formula that boosts the organism and stimulates the flow of energy needed for the full realization of the potential of Synergy12. Along with vitamin C, Ala-EnergyFIT regulates amino acid metabolism according to Rubner’s law of limit amino acid by increasing protein production in the body. This is accomplished through more efficient use of those amino acids that need to be supplied, as the organism cannot synthesize them on its own. Ala-EnergyFIT has an impact on the immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells – the cells preventing infections. Magnesium normalizes the tension of the vessel walls and reduces muscle tension. Inositol is considered as a back-up energy source, it promotes regeneration of the organism and together with the amino acids and minerals it creates a unified complex that makes Ala-EnergyFIT function as an energy donor for more efficient use of Synergy12. The composition of Ala-EnergyFIT relieves the body of stress and provides a feeling of better cellular respiration. 


We are starting the course with Ala-EnergyFIT, 2 capsules 2 times a day for the 15 days before introducing Synergy12. 

Synergy12 should be administered in the following fashion: take 1 capsule 2 times a day at 8:00 and 16:00 respectively until one quarter of the package has been used up. Starting with the second quarter, take 1 capsule 2 times a day at 10:00 and 20:00 respectively, together with 2 capsules of Ala-EnergyFIT administered 2 times a day. 

The process described above needs to be repeated in the second cycle with a 15 days’ interruption following the first cycle during which only Ala-EnergyFIT is taken. 

  • Do not exceed recommended daily dose
  • This dietary supplement is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet.
  • To be stored out of reach of children.
  • This dietary supplement is not suitable for children.
  • This dietary supplement is not intended for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

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